Who we are.

myNEXT is a digital innovation consulting firm with exceptional domain expertise in the healthcare and life sciences industry and a deep technology background.

Meet our Team.

What we believe.

What we do.

We are problem solvers. Experts are good at explaining the past. We help you shape the future.

myNEXT is helping clients venture into uncharted territory.
myNEXT is helping clients innovate in a digital world.
myNEXT is helping clients disrupt industries.

venture: /`ven(t)-shər/
to proceed despite the risk of danger

innovate: /ˈinəˌvāt/
to introduce something new

disrupt: /disˈrəpt/
to drastically alter the structure

Consulting Engagements

Digital transformations
Strategy development
Market research
Market size estimation
Business development

New business creation
Ideation & prototyping
Landscape mapping
Financial modeling
Startup acceleration

Tailored Engagements

No two clients are the same and your business questions sometimes do not fall into convenient categories. We can tailor your engagement to your individual needs based on our deep management consulting background combined with our industry expertise covering healthcare, life sciences, high-tech, and consumer electronics.

Who we work with.

Technology innovation is accelerating. Industries are converging. Disruptive transformations are changing the rules of business. myNEXT is working with visionary companies to shape the future by inventing it. myNEXT is helping you innovate, accelerate, transform.

We are working with Fortune 500 companies and with innovative startups.

Selected healthcare and life sciences client portfolio

  • Adjacent Growth Strategy Group at digital health company
  • Digital Innovation Lab at medical equipment and life sciences company
  • Emerging Businesses Group at medical device company
  • New Business Creation and Corporate Venture Group at medical device and life sciences company
  • Business Analytics Group at life sciences company
  • New Ventures Group at medical nutrition company
  • Digital health, wellness, diagnostics, healthcare services, and drug wholesale companies

Selected high-tech and consumer electronics client portfolio

  • Innovation Center at mobile phone and consumer electronics company
  • Analytics Solutions Group at semiconductor company
  • Research and Collaboration Center at semiconductor company
  • Advanced Technology Unit at telecommunications and network infrastructure company
  • New Business Strategy Group at smart factory solutions company
  • Technology Services Group at engineering and technology company


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